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  • British Animation Awards Their DVDs are expensive and sold only by them and a few specialist retailers but the only way to legally experience many classic and relatively recent films in any decent quality, particularly British ones but not exclusively so.
  • Cartoons on Film Many rarely seen but renowned early animation restored and made available on all-regions DVD-Video.
  • CALF New label specialising in indie anime on English friendly, region-free DVD.
  • Cuentamundos Web site of a modest but rather wonderful collection of family-friendly animation released in Spain by Animaula.
  • Discotek Media Site not safe for work nor children due to the pinku they also deal in but highly recommended for their English-subbed DVDs of the classic Tôei and Sanrio features.
  • De Filmfreak (Dutch) Dutch releaser of both relatively normal DVDs for its home market and English-friendly collections of short films and other more unusual fare.
  • Les Films du paradoxe (French) Have released region 2-friendly DVD collections of many notable short films; not all are Anglais-friendly but those said to be version musicale or sonore sans paroles are language-independent.
  • Ga-nime (Japanese) Tôei Animation's art house and kamishibai division; some intresting work but sadly not English-friendly.
  • GKIDS Run year-round events in New York and distribute several notable animated and family films across the USA.
  • HEEZA Shop specialising in DVDs of and books about animation and other optical illusions from across Europe.
  • Horng En World Animation (Traditional Chinese) Fantastically elastic-brow collection of animation from throughout the world, including even collections of British filmmakers' work that isn't available here. Some releases have English subtitles and are region-free.
  • The Masters of Cinema Series One of the few leading boutique labels to pay any attention to animated cinema.
  • Milestone Films USA distributor of Prinzen Achmed and other classic animated and silent films.
  • New Animation Animation (Japanese) Probably the ultimate label for animated short films on DVD. Their Kawamoto, Kuri and Yamamura collections (but not the Tezuka one) are largely English-friendly and reasonably priced.
  • Rembrandt Films Western distributor of the animated films of Jiří TRNKA and of Zagreb Film.
  • Thunderbean
  • Toondra.com Legal downloads of films from a number of French producers; no subtitles for the French-language ones but most are without dialogue.
  • Tricky Women (German) Dual-language German and English-subtitled DVDs of the highlights of this Austrian festival are sold internationally by them.
  • The World According to Shorts North American distributor of cinema packages and DVDs of short films.

General animation fan sites

  • Animateclay.com Nice site about stop-motion in general, not just clay.
  • Animated Divots Loads of info (including filmographies) and links to even more.
  • Animation Heaven & Hell Old but still interesting stop-motion site.
  • Animatsiya in English Great blog about Russian animation; already one of my favourites.
  • Anime-Myth.com A guide to references to mythology, both Japanese and otherwise, in chiefly shôjo Japanese animation; also home to the magical girl encyclopaedia Henshin.
  • Animetion Refreshingly UK-centric, and good for beginners. Has some nice editorials as well.
  • Cartoon Brew The hub of all cartoon and animation weblogs.
  • Clear Black Lines A large and useful resource dedicated to the heroines of western (mostly American) animation.
  • Catsuka (French) Beautifully indiscriminate. Useful in any language.
  • Conversations on Ghibli Not just Ghibli, but also pre-Ghibli and similar.
  • Nausicaa.net Studio Ghibli films are arguably the best in the world, but if it weren't for the influence of this one Web site, we might not be watching them today.
  • Pelleas.net For once, an anime blog that's actually about the animation.
  • Toonhound Surprisingly vast site about the UK animation scene.
  • Topcraft/Studio Ghibli: The Complete History Sets straight the history of the studio's involvement with Rankin/Bass and its eventual transmogrification into Studio Ghibli.
  • Twitch More about horror films than anything else, but with significant (and interesting) animation coverage.

Sites on specific titles

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Industry sites and databases

Silhouette animators and cutters

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