La Chanson de Ciné si

Opening theme
Music by Christian Maire • Words by Michel Ocelot • Sung by Philippe Cheytion and Arlette Mirapeu

La nuit arrive
C'est pour qu'on vive
Notre ciné imaginé

Et si tu étais ci
Et si tu étais ça

Et si tu dessinais
Et si tu décidais

Et si on inventait
Et si on agissait

Il faut s'y mettre
Il faut s'y mettre
Et on y est!
Night falls
Letting us live out
Our imaginary film

And if you were this
And if you were that

And if you drew
And if you decided

And if we invented
And if we acted

It's time to start
It's time to start
And we're here!

Lyrics transcribed from the subtitles of the French DVD. English translation by J. Miller, with some alterations by myself.

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