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Age ratings for analogue games are, for the most part, not a reflection of their thematic content but rather of their complexity. So, regardless of your age, if you are new to playing anything other than traditional or children's games, or non-strategic games such as trivia quizzes, I'd recommend starting with some 8+ games and, should you begin find them too simplistic, moving on to 10+ accordingly. Those who have experience with certain genres of video games (such as construction and management simulation or tactical role-playing games)


Children's games. Suitable for under-10s and usually too simplistic to hold the interest of anyone older but the best can be just as entertaining for older siblings and adults playing with them as they are for their target audience. Drei Magier Spiele, Gamewright, HABA, Selecta Spielzeug and Zoch specialise in such games (though all except HABA also publish a few of the 8+ and 10+ kind).


Lightweight, "gateway" family games, suitable for a general audience. They tend to be playable even by children younger than 8 if doing so with parents or older siblings but too complex for under-10s to comprehend fully enough to play amongst themselves.


More advanced, medium-weight family games with rules that are a step up in complexity and the amount of concentration they necessitate. Suitable for those who have played a few 8+ games and are looking for something a bit more challenging.


Heavy, gamer's games, not for the faint of heart or, rather, or mind, nor indeed for anyone who values their acceptance into neurotypical society. (-_o) They typically involve not only longer, more complex rules to keep in mind but also take significantly longer to play.

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