Kirikou et la sorcière

a.k.a. Kirikou and the Sorceress
Feature film • 9 December 1998 • 70 minutes
Direction and screenplay by Michel Ocelot • Music by Youssou N'Dour
Based on a West African folk tale
© Les Armateurs/Odec Kid Cartoons/France 3 cinéma/Studio O/RTBF/Monipoly/TEF/Exposure



Somewhere in West Africa, there was once a village which was small but happy and prosperous enough, fed by a natural spring and inhabited by hard-working people. Then one day, for seemingly no reason, it was subjected to the terrible wrath of the sorceress Karaba — since then, their spring has ceased to flow, and with her dark powers she constructed an army of fetishes with which to further torment the villagers. Many men have set out to defeat her, but none have ever returned. Now only the women and children remain.

One of these women was left pregnant with the child of one of the lost men. And one day she hears a small voice emanating from her womb — "Mother, please bring me into world!" But what a world it is to bring a child into, and what can a tiny boy do against the might of an evil man-eating sorceress?









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