La Séance de spiritisme est terminée (The Séance Is Over, 1931, Grimault/Aurenche) https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL-C68YgWj04L8JUAV4clnFvLUmtJvWW-a&v=_NRIYEV2B64&hd=1&hl=en-GB&gl=GB
Le Marchand de notes http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x36g7s_TheMagicLand_paul-grimault

1931–La Séance de spiritisme est terminée dai.ly/x3qij7 _NRIYEV2B64 480
Dialogeless but text important but not cartoony, dir. Paul Grimault et Jean Aurenche
1936–1950 Les Gémeaux
1936 – En Plein Mystère None None
1937 – Phénomènes Électriques None None
1938 – Le Messager de la lumière dai.ly/xed86v BTAJdNkUvFU 480
Set to raw song and a few bits of dialogue in-between
1938 – Sain et Sauf dai.ly/x3qme2 7GGq4cQhlsI 480
Lots of raw dialogue in brief animated segment
19?? – Terre ! dai.ly/x3qm54 zRMOBInBFsc 480
A little dialogue
1942 – Le Marchand de notes dai.ly/x3qiez None
Wordless silemt-inspired toon, more like it, 2nd completed personal film

1943 – Les Passagers de "La Grande Ourse" dai.ly/x3qkxe mgKhFIACqt0 480
Dialogue-less SR cartoon

1943 – L'Épouvantail dai.ly/x3qics 240 GUPmk0T3u3s 240

1944 – Le Voleur de Paratonnerres None None

1946 – La Flûte magique None bTAeYmRupJI 240
Some raw singing and text but wonderful medieval fantasy cartoon

1947 – Le Petit Soldat dai.ly/x88ae4 None
Wordless ans perfect

1947–1950 La Bergère et ls Ramoneur orig. produced – so before UPA modernism broke out
1951– Les Films Paul Grimault
1951 – La Légende de la soie dai.ly/x3qlui tHe_Auy8KPg 480
Dialogue throughout but easily understould
1952 – Pierres oubliées dai.ly/xk70qn None
Only supervised by Grimault and from his prod. studio, lotsof raw speech. very pretty tho.
1956 – Enrico Cuisinier None None
1957 – La Faim du Monde (ou La Faim dans le Monde)
1964 – Le Petit Claus et le Grand Claus
1970 – Le Diamant
1971 – Chasseurs-Pécheurs
1972 – Les Sportifs de la Préhistoire
1973 – Le Chien mélomane

MIYAZAKI Hayao Image Board (1983) http://ghiblicon.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/hayao-miyazaki-image-boards-1983-art.html

雑想ノート Daydream note

http://jiasu-jiasu-jiasu.at.webry.info/201203/article_29.html somthing to do with Pork Love?

http://mingjigong.blog.163.com/blog/static/53331348201041665755180 Beg. of Pork Love + better scan of 1st page of 飛行艇時代

http://tuka2tt2222.at.webry.info/201203/article_9.html various pages inc. Pork Love but not good scans

http://item.rakuten.co.jp/digitamin/bf50/ Model inc. pigs

http://garage-house.org/Akuyaku1.html cross-section of it

http://ameblo.jp/grabdesign/entry-10360320772.html other page inc. cross section

http://blog.5d.cn/user13/wwggll/200701/354428.html Chinese complete scanlation

http://www.nausicaa.net/wiki/2012-12-News En. trans. of 2008 Ghibli Museum Sketching Set booklet

https://twitter.com/kalapattar/status/279124985740681216/photo/1 one of Kaze pages

http://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/639100/blog/28594905/ pages from within Kaze

http://60530345.at.webry.info/201212/article_6.html Miyazaki n planes

http://d.hatena.ne.jp/type-r/20130829 some aniamtion or layout

http://sapa.driveplaza.com/sapa/1040/1040081/2/service/1/m/post_391.php some merhcnadise

http://rsroom.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/blog-post_22.html dustcover

back of dustcover http://prcm.jp/album/happppppy/pic/26374078

http://www.c.kumagaku.ac.jp/blogs/ohta/2013/08/post-685.html plane stuff

Unfortunately there's no sign of a season of MIYAZAKI Hayao and Studio Ghibli's films on television, though Picturehouse Cinemas are running one (that in Liverpool has My Neighbour Totoro on Saturday, 26th April, Porco Rosso on Saturday, 3rd May, The Princess Mononoke on Saturday, 10th May, Spirited Away on Saturday, 17th May, Howl's Moving Castle on Saturday, 24th May and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea on Saturday, 31st May, all in Japanese with English subtitles). Of these I most recommend Porco Rosso: like The Wind Rises both one of the more adult-aimed and expanded from one of his Daydream Note serials. And Film4 are showing an older classic Japanese film – NARUSE Mikio's Late Chrysanthemums – on Thursday, 1st May at 11:00 AM and the previous Studio Ghibli feature released here – MIYAZAKI Gorō's From Up on Poppy Hill – on Sunday, 4th May at 5:20 PM (Film4 is Freesat channel 300, with the same programme repeated an hour later on channel 301).

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