Dragons et princesses episode guide

La Maîtresse des monstres The Mistress of Monsters

dragons01.jpg A tribe lives in caves, deep underground. It is completely subjected to the whims of monsters. A little girl, somewhat vilified for being somewhat rebellious, has come to belive herself to be the weakest of all. But a small animal will reveal a secret she will not believe…

http://www.nord-ouest.fr/#series First broadcast 25 October 2010 on Canal+ Family.

Le Loup-garou The Werewolf

dragons02.jpg First broadcast 26 October 2010 on Canal+ Family.

Le Pont du petit cordonnier The Bridge of the Little Shoemaker

dragons03.jpg First broadcast 27 October 2010 on Canal+ Family.

L'Élue de la Ville d'or The Chosen One of the Golden City


Le Mousse et sa chatte The Cabin Boy and His Cat


L'Écolier-sorcier The Schoolboy Wizard


Le Garçon tamtam The Tom-tom Boy


Le Garçon qui ne mentait jamais The Boy Who Never Lied


Ti Jean et la belle-sans-connaître Ti Jean and the Beauty-That-Didn't-Know-It

dragons09.jpg "Ti Jean likes to explore his beautiful Antillan isle. One day, amid the luxuriant vegetation, he discovers a passage in the rocks. He descends down, down, down, much, much, much deeper than he could imagine. The surprises and the tests that await will be a measurement of his repose and his composure."


Ivan Tsarévitch et la Princesse Changeante Ivan Tsarevich and the Changing Princess

dragons10.jpg First broadcast 5 November 2010 on Canal+ Family.

La Fille-biche et le fils de l'architecte The Girl-Doe and the Architect's Son

palaisb.jpg dragonsb.jpg
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