Dragons et princesses

aka Dragons and Princesses
Television series • 25 October – 5 November 2010 • 10 × 13 minutes
Stereoscopic feature film Les Contes de la nuit (Tales of the Night) • 13 February 2011 • 84 minutes
Direction, screenplay and stories by Michel Ocelot • Music by Christian Maire • Animation by Studio O, Paris
© 2010 Nord-Ouest FilmsStudio OCanal+









Bergères et dragons (Shepherdesses and Dragons) is one of Michel Ocelot's two current projects. What format it will take is not clear; some sources describe it as a feature film, others as a television series. For now, I'll list any mention of it I come across on this page.

"For 2008, I've planned a feature film which should be called Bergères and dragons and will be carried out along the same principle as Princes et princesses, i.e. in a shadow theatre."

"It should come out then, during 2008 I believe a new feature film on the principle of Princes et princesses. This time will be Bergères et dragons. It will comprise 6 short films: four old in the same style as before and two new completely unseen and realized digitally, (while trying to retain the appearance of the old shorts) He says he feels the need to return a little to something simpler, as with his beginnings."

"I want to go back to simplicity and short tales. Ten minutes are quite enough. Most of the stories are pretty old, because when I started doing those silhouette films I wrote many of them, thinking it would be a very successful TV series, but nobody wanted them. I am going to make a few of them now. Nobody asked me, but now that I am some kind of Mr. Bestseller my wishes are granted. So I am going back to television for ten nice little films. It will be genuine 2D, but 3D software will be used for a few technical reasons."

"A animated series of 52 episodes of 13 minutes, by the director of Kirikou and Azur et Asmar produced for Canal+ and France 3."

"I had a life before Kirikou. I already give a small sample of it with Princes et princesses. We were but seven working together instead of two hundred but I am very proud of this work and it is important to me that we can see it. So I will leave in a year, a DVD which will include three short films that I made with only white paper and doilies. It's really very beautiful and I would like for people to be able to react to this experiment. Later, on the model of Princes et princesses, I will leave a film, in cinemas, which will comprise 6 tales entitled Bergères and dragons. I have already four of them, two remain to be made."

"Initially launched with the intent of getting back to the simplicity of his roots, the upcoming Dragons and Princesses is now pretty comfortably the largest project of his career, one which will exist in both television and feature incarnations with the feature screening in 3D. Using the silhouette style he developed with his earlier Princess and Princesses, the television series will feature five short films based on international fairy tales. One of these segments is due to screen at the Annecy Festival this week. For the feature, the existing five stories will be joined by a sixth, with the feature screening in 3D."

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