Azur et Asmar Q&A

When is it coming to my country?

Below are the general release dates. Please note that these are often preceded by showings at film festivals, and that the later dates are only estimated. The English dub is now finished; it was premièred in London in October 2007.

Country Date Distributor Title
Belgium 25 October 2006 Artémis Productions Azur et Asmar
France 25 October 2006 Diaphana Azur et Asmar
Italy 10 November 2006 Lucky Red Azur e Asmar
Brazil 01 December 2006 Downtown Filmes As Aventuras de Azur e Asmar
Spain 16 March 2007 Dionet Azur y Asmar
Greece 29 March 2007 Rosebud Αζούρ και Ασμάρ
Japan 21 July 2007 Ghibli Bijutsukan Library アズールとアスマール
Singapore 13 September 2007 Cathay-Keris Films Azur and Asmar
Netherlands 04 October 2007 Twin Film Azur & Asmar
Russia 15 November 2007 RUSCICO Азур и Азмар
UK 08 February 2008 Soda Pictures Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest
South Korea 21 February 2008 아주르와 아스마르
Canada 01 May 2008 (DVD) Séville Pictures Azur et Asmar
Switzerland June 2008 Frenetic Films 1001 Nacht: Die Geschichte von Azur und Asmar
USA 17 October 2008 GKIDS Azur & Asmar
Germany 07 April 2011 Universum Film
India TBC Alliance Media & Entertainment Azur & Asmar

Who are the voice actors?

French English Italian Japanese Spanish
Azur Cyril Mourali Steven Kyman ? ? ?
Asmar Karim M'ribah Nigel Pilkington ? MORIOKA Kôichirô ?
Jénane Hiam Abbass Suzanna Nour ? TAMAI Midori ?
Crapoux Patrick Timsit Nigel Lambert ? KAGAWA Teruyuki Sancho Gracia
Azur as a child Rayan Mahjoub Leopold Benedict ? ? ?
Asmar as a child Abdelsselem Ben Amar Frederick Benedict ? ? ?
Chamsous Sabah Fatma Ben Khell Imogen Bailey ? ? ?
Fée des Djinns Thissa d'Avila Bensalah Emma Tate ? ? ?

Who sang the theme song?

The Arabic version (used in the film) and French version (available on the soundtrack) were both performed by Souad Massi, an Algerian singer-songwriter and guitarist.

When and where does the film take place?

In the Middle Ages, partly in Europe, and mostly in Northern Africa. It is not set in any specific country.

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