As of 3 June 2013 this site is officially on an indefinite hiatus (and has been unofficially for some months now) while I concentrate on other projects. I do intend to return to it at some point but cannot make any predictions as to when. I will try to continue to read messages sent to me by the usual means but do not have time to add information to the site. Thank you for visiting, and please look out for news about Ocelot's latest feature Kirikou et les Hommes et les Femmes elsewhere while I'm away.

Gagnol and Felicioli's Une vie de chat (2010) is out in cinemas in the UK and Ireland from 6 April 2012 • In the USA from 1 June 2012

Michel Ocelot's Les Contes de la nuit (2011) is out in the UK and Ireland from 25 May 2012 • In the USA from 26 September 2012

Welcome to Le Palais des dessins animés (The Palace of Animated Drawings), an English-language fan site for the films of Michel Ocelot and other animated fairy tales and fantasies which are unavailable or little-known in the English-speaking world. The Web site is in something of a perpetual beta stage, due to both work-chasing and my short attention span, which means that though it's far from complete I am encouraging people to view it in order to get some feedback. I apologise for the current inconsistency and would appreciate any information which will assist with the filling in of gaps.

Please also be aware that this Web site may not appear correctly in Internet Explorer (issues with Safari now seem to have been fixed). I would advise using either Camino, Firefox or SeaMonkey. And lastly, please click on the "News" link for related news and updates which you may subscribe to with Atom or RSS.

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Features directed by Michel Ocelot

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Kirikou et la Sorcière Princes et Princesses Kirikou et les Bêtes sauvages Azur et Asmar Les Contes de la nuit Kirikou et les Hommes et les Femmes

Shorts and series directed by Michel Ocelot

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Short films Gédéon La Princesse insensible Dragons et Princesses

Features directed by René Laloux

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La Planète sauvage Les Maîtres du temps Gandahar

Other features

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Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed Le Roi et l'oiseau Gwen, le livre de sable Persepolis Brendan and the Secret of Kells

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